Many farmers are having to diversify and utilise the farm in anyway they can to help survive. We are no exception. We are not intensive, ensuring are girls are looked after and ensure their welfare are at the forefront of every decision. Being organic, we need to ensure we make every pre-emptive measure to provide a clean, warm and healthy environment for the girls as any sort of medication is a last resort. Whilst the girls are well loved and well looked after this does mean we cannot farm on a level that other larger more intensive farms can. However, our cows generally live three times longer than the average dairy cow and produce a more nutritious milk.

Family run farms, like ours, will notice every new customer, we do notice every little bit of support and cherish every one of our customers as it means so much more to us. Having the support of our loyal customers is the difference between being able to continue to provide the best life for the girls and continue farming the way our generations did before us and not being able to farm anymore.

#Supportlocal is something you often see and has now become a buzz term, whilst we are so grateful it has come to light more how important supporting local is, seeing the phrase used so often can sometimes lose it’s meaning. So, it’s important to us you know who we are and who you are supporting. 

We are the Bowles family, originating from Winsley and farming has been in the family for centuries. Kim and Geoff own Ivy House Farm and their son, Darren, and his wife, Sarah, are now trying to ensure farming can continue not only for Darren but for his children too. Darren and Sarah started Eastcote Events in 2018 after they got married there to diversify and help support Darren’s role as the farm manager. With all this in mind, we run Eastcote purposefully to help support other local businesses too and provide a venue with events that are fun and give other small business a platform to grow. 


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